We are self sufficient in handling every trading activity as we have our own in-house consignment handling systems, ranging from packaging, transportation, warehousing, documentation to forwarding and shipping etc. Keitt Exporters Ltd. is proud to have a wide network of distributors and marketing professionals across the globe. The strength of the capable workforce has been a huge asset for the company. The warehouse of the company is well regulated with separate provisions for the storage of different grades of fruits and vegetables.


In addition to its own farms, Keitt Exporters Limited has a net of affiliated independent farmers.

We offer advice and technical assistance to affiliated small farmers who form part of the company’s supply network. To maintain the quality of our produce, we fund the purchase of fertilizers to our affiliated indepandant farmers.

The company has offered stable employment to farmers in a sector where there income and employment are otherwise tenuous. When the farmers sell their harvest at Keitt Exporters central offices, the fruits and vegetables are classified according to their size, texture, and ripeness, which must then pass quality controls before being carefully packaged and distributed. The manual selection and classification of the produce is done by the company’s own experts and guarantees the highest levels of quality.

Seed Selection: All the fruits and vegetables that Keitt Exporters offer have been classified according to their potential freshness and flavor even before they are planted. We acquire only the guranteed, best seeds of the highest quality.


Our export philosophy is based on two pillars – speed and vigilance, allowing the company to guarantee the maximum freshness and quality of its products in the export market. We monitor each step of the production, procurement, and distribution process, a rarity in a sector where these steps are normally relegated to different companies.

The speedy transport and distribution, always via refrigerated compartments, provides an additional guarantee of the quality and freshness of its fruits and vegetables.

The main objective of the company is to serve our customers at a level that meets, or exceeds their expectations. We operate our business in a manner that our customers would like, based on their needs and desires with respect to providing safe products of premium quality in commercially adequate quantities that we procure them from. We lay high emphasis on the quality. We carry out stringent pre-shipment inspection of products to assure quality, quantity and packing. Besides, we are equiped with spacious storerooms with cold room facility that enables us to hold huge stocks and thus meet all kinds of market demands.


Quality controls during the cultivation process are vital for obtaining a product of excellent freshness and flavor. The harvesters at Keitt’s fields apply rigorous selection criteria when picking the fruits and culling the vegetables. Selection is based on the texture, color, and appearance of each individual fruit and vegetable. The small, independent farmers who cultivate produce in their own fields are also trained and adhered to Keitt’s high cultivation standards. Depending on their characteristics, the fruits and vegetables are packaged in boxes of 2 to 20 kilograms.


To ensure good quality Keitt has employed qualifeid graders who collect the produce from farmers and deliver to the company's godown for final grading. The company pays the farmer immediately, which offers them stability and economic security.


Keitt Exporters Limited’s continuous refrigeration system, in place during the entire distribution process, guarantees that its fruits and vegetables conserve their freshness, flavor, and high quality until they reach their final destinations and consumers. The offices have cold storage facilities.
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